Private house - Molteno (LC - ITALY): April 2008 - June 2010

Collaboration for the supply of the structural calculations and checks for the renovation and enlargment of the private house located in Molteno, in the province of Lecco (ITALY). The maximum height of the house is equal to 9,8m and the plan dimensions are equal to 22,0mx1,7m. The structures above the ground level are completely built with the glued laminated timber and there are composed by 7 transversal frames joined by the storey reinforced concrete slab. The structures to support the storey are still built in glued laminated timber. The structures above the ground level are built in reinforced concrete structures, whilst the ground floor is realized by the precast concrete slab with steel joist (predalles). The stability against the horizontal forces i guaranted by the transversal frames and the stairs (built in reinforced concrete). The load analysis, calculation and checks are carried out according to the italian structural code: "D.M. 14 gennaio 2008" and the next "circolare del 2 febbraio 2009". The seismic analysis has been performed by the static force procedure, permitted by italian laws for structures built in the seismic zone 4.